Monday, September 9, 2013

Candy Crush Level 33

General Information about Candy Crush level 33

One of the hardest level in Candy Crush is the level 33, because of it's small & restricted playing area.  As a new player, you might not be ready to take on this level by yourself, and it can be very frustating.  But do not worry, we are here to help you clear the level 33 of Candy Crush with our tips and tricks.

Clear all the jelly and reach a minimum of 32000 points in 14 moves or less to complete level 33.

Below is listed the requiered amount of score points for the stars
  • 1 star: 32000 points
  • 2 stars: 50000 points
  • 3 stars: 70000 points
This level contains 16 double-jelly blocks, divided into 4 4x4 seperated playing areas.  In order to clear this level, you will need to make a lot of 4 matches and count on those precious break a line candies.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to make candy bombs (5 matches) because of the restricted playing area.

Candy Crush Level 33 Video

Candy Crush Level 33 Tips & Walkthrough

  • Concentrate on trying to make 4 matches candy, and crush them into the jellies, DO NOT waste them on line where there are no jellies !
  • Start by playing in the bottom as much as you can, it will create new possibilities on the board.
  • Think before playing. Make your moves and prepare your board for 4 matches combos.
  • Do not give up, it is impossible to predict the ending of the game!